A UFO experience on Interface

Interface is a companion for exploring the realms of Ethereum. UFO is an onchain radio network and club for music, arts and ideas. They are a podcast sponsor and we’ve been collaborating since August.

Everyone who has a UFO Genesis Pass, UFO subscribers on Lens and collectors from Mirror and Zora have unlocked early access to Interface. You can download the app at interface.social.

We met when wijuwiju tweeted about discovering a UFO podcast with pet3rpan on Interface because @esdotge had minted the episode on Zora. Then he could listen to the episode right from Interface. We saw this as validation and a perfect demonstration of the magical qualities of onchain media.

Since day one UFO has been publishing on Mirror and experimenting with web3 social on Lens. We were the first to mint podcasts on Zora. We produce media in this way because these experimental formats are the future. Why wouldn’t we do it now?

Sure enough here comes ever-improving wallets and apps like Interface to relay UFO shows and enable onchain discovery. Now algorithmic social feeds can be replaced by signals from your web3 social graph. Content is surfaced in the Interface app based on who you follow. You can find your friends from Lens and Farcaster. Catch their mints from Zora and Mirror. It’s wild. Ecosystems are flowing together.

Media is evolving to be more social, interactive and collectible. We’re early but the tech is working. It makes sense for all media types across audio, arts, music, podcasts, writing, videos and more to venture beyond major ecosystems like Apple, Google, Meta, X and Spotify.


Web2 internet is corporations mediating what people see online. Controlling the flow of information. Designing for doom-scrolling. Amplifying low signal content. Changing algorithms to diminish the reach of creators by orders of magnitude. Taking the vast majority of advertising revenue for themselves.

This all impacts the viability of media. Which is a problem. It’s not easy to survive the sudden vanishing of an audience and economic model. These are spaces and platforms we do not own or control.

However like systems in nature we see adaptation blooming into evolutionary change. Alternatives will emerge. Onchain media and web3 social are happening now. Online spaces where you can curate your own feed and own your social graph. It might resemble an earlier internet of RSS feeds and forums. Build with it how you like.


The Interface app makes sense of onchain data, context and meaning which are scattered all over the place. Gathering it together in ways that are understandable, enjoyable, surprisingly social, and actionable in terms of being on top of signals in the crypto space.

For media projects, consider our experience. UFO mints podcasts on Zora. You can listen right there in the app. Listeners can follow ufoclub.eth to be notified the instant episodes go live. Mirror posts display immaculately. Mint and post a comment. Share to Lens and Farcaster.

It’s an entirely new way to think about distribution and discovery.

Apply this concept to every podcast, Mirror blog, Paragraph newsletter and Zora profile you’d like to follow like an onchain RSS feed. These are direct connections between creator and audience. Simply subscribe and all shows up in Interface.

Beyond this your social graph is now curating content for each other based on what they mint, collect and share on web3 social.

This is the internet breaking free.

We minted a 3D UFO Interface Zorb to mark the occasion.

To download the app, visit interface.social and follow ufoclub.eth

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