46 Reimagining Content Collecting with Mint & Bello — Adam Levy

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.


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Adam Levy is the creator and host of Mint Podcast. Exploring the web3 creator economy, discovering how the creators of today are building the communities of tomorrow. Genuinely one of the best podcasts in the space.

He is also a founder of Bello, where you can discover actionable insights about your collectors from their wallets and onchain activity through a simple search.

We met in November 2022 when Mint and UFO were both early moving media projects on Lens, experimenting with onchain media and web3 social, and how we can use these tools to help establish an audience and a culture and vibe around our releases.

We were running in parallel when not many other people in the industry were doing what we’re doing. Turns out that Adam’s journey in creating Mint and figuring out how to build a subscriber base ends up inspiring what he’s building at Bello.

They realised how helpful it would be to know more about the collectors of their releases. What these people are doing onchain. Coming up with new ways to assemble an audience.

For example, UFO had released our Genesis Pass on Mirror in November 2022, and Adam showed us on Bello that ⅓ of those collectors had a Lens profile. We could see by wallets that minters of the UFO Genesis Pass were also subscribers to UFO on Lens.

In this episode we talk about Adam’s early experiences in music, playing drums, the records he was into. How his first experiences hosting a podcast type show including interviews with Mark Cuban and others illuminated a path forward to creating Mint and putting out 7 seasons so far with many big names in crypto, music and entertainment.

This episode was recorded while Nick was working from Liverpool for a week, setting up a podcast / radio studio in an apartment in the centre of town. Stay tuned!


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