13 Riding Motorcycles Through Art Worlds with Night Run — Matto

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Matto is a generative artist, audio, code, and visual. Managing Director of Thousand Ant, creative studio based in New York. Lead for Hypercastles in mid-2022, a community project to build a Unity game engine based 2D and 3D explorer of the Terraforms on-chain NFT megastructure by Mathcastles.

His latest Night Run is a conceptual art project with three parts: A motorcycle game where you look at art in a generated city space; An NFT collection with imaginary fashion houses; A series of videos with commentary.

UFO art director Ivano Salonia collaborated on creative and design, including for the Night Run logo and designs for imaginary fashion houses you’ll hear about in this episode.

We also talk about the NFTs ecosystem that Matto has been interested in over the past couple years, with a few highlights including Terraforms, Blitmaps, Loot, Toadz and Nouns.


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