49 Songwriting, Music and the Internet in 2024 — Leo Pastel

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Leo Pastel is a musician, songwriter, multi-sensory artist and active builder in web3 music from Cincinnati, Ohio. Releasing music since 2018 and involved from early days in the crypto music scene.

His first single Woah was a hit with almost 750,000 streams on Spotify. He's produced as part of Songcamp and Camp CHAOS, and performed at FWB Fest in 2023.

Leo tells stories about experiences in the gospel scene, growing up in a musical family, and singing as part of the Sunday Service Choir with Kanye. He’s super prolific talking about music online, sharing opportunities in the web3 space, and co-hosting a weekly live space with GRLKRASH and Jamee Cornelia talking all things music.

Music NFTs have been a hot topic in the US lately after Flyana Boss withdrew an NFT mint because their fans called for them to cancel it. Onchain music is a controversial and unpopular medium at this moment. NFTs have a reputation problem.

Meanwhile, Condé Nast announced major layoffs at Pitchfork, gutting the editorial staff. People have since been reflecting on the value of music. How do we appraise and experience it culturally? If we’re making music and no-one’s around to listen, critique, write about it and record into the zeitgeist — does it make a sound?



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