FM TOUR is an experiment from UFO.

A new channel for releases and happenings is now live at

We are an onchain radio network and club for music, arts and ideas. It makes sense to play with live music.

8889 tickets for the FM TOUR were minted on Base during Onchain Summer.

Within 3 days 7500+ unique wallets had FM TOUR tickets. Seems like our intentionally mysterious drop is going to plan and these collectors can be an initializing audience for exclusive content and onchain broadcasting.

It was time to make it real. We set up cameras, lights and music gear and invited local artists mayo, Boogie Mind and ALE to DJ at a party at What Is Happening Here? Gallery in Amsterdam on November 3.

Artists, musicians, tech and creative industries people from Amsterdam and around the world were at the show. It was the official after party of MET AMS and FM TOUR collectors had early door list.

The first FM TOUR videos are now live in a members-only channel on Bonfire.

Tune into the mystery tour by following these steps.

Step 1. Collect FM TOUR PASS


FM TOUR was a free mint. You can collect on secondary for a minimal price.

Step 2. Enter FM TOUR

Visit and tune in for mayo, Boogie Mind and ALE.


FM TOUR is a UFO experiment and the first time we’ve made token-gated content.

Stay tuned for more in 2024.

We created the tour channel in collaboration with our friends at Bonfire.

They are the no-code website builder for web3 creators, brands & communities. Allowing you to design rich custom drop pages, token gated content, and exclusive events and experiences, all on a custom branded site.

Get started for free today at

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