37 Serendipity Machines & Hypercultures — LGHT + Gami

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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LGHT is a creator, artist and writer who explores across web3, art, NFTs, DAOs, memetic icons, hypercultures and more at lght.mirror.xyz. Publishing imaginative concepts, research, insights and models.

Gami is our first ever returning guest, a member of Nouns and founder of Gnars DAO. This recording session was the first time these two have met each other “in person” for a conversation.

On June 21, Gami minted HYPERCOMMONS

“In the dawn of a new age, as our society expands and intertwines with the virtual, a proposition is put forward to embrace an unprecedented concept: the hypercommons.

A bold exploration of the new frontiers of social, political, and artistic realms, the hypercommons embodies the protocol-built public goods and luxuries, the onchain hypercultures they foster, and the positive externalities they engender.”

LGHT has written a series of essays on related topics:

“Hypercultures are very much a legitimate feature of onchain activity, and not a bug. With less than 1M onchain collectors in the space and even less creators, anybody here can realistically be part of the next hyperculture.”


These ideas live in realms mapped by Zora. Collecting and creating and experimenting onchain and across web3 social.

We jam about memetic icons, skateboarding, hyperstructures, minting onchain, psychedelic experiences and the future of the internet. Wandering into the philosophical, a few concepts were struck upon: serendipity machines, and ever increasing novelty in the universe as per Terence McKenna.



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