36 Accelerating Better Futures with RADAR — Fancy

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Fancy is an instigator at RADAR and previous founding team at Protein.

RADAR is a decentralised global collective of more than 300 researchers, early adopters and innovators accelerating better futures. They discover and validate emerging trends powered by collective intelligence. Building a foundational set of imagination platforms for a better future.

We catch RADAR as they launch Cycle 3. Over 10 weeks and beyond, they’ll be researching and cultivating — Our Centaur Future. Producing a collaborative foresight report that paints a picture of what lies ahead with artificial intelligence and lays the groundwork for how to bring it to life.

“In the now, the near, and the next, it’s clear that we’ll be living (working, playing, learning, and creating) with more human-like technology than we’ve ever dealt with before, drawing to mind fear-inducing scenarios that feel straight out of science fiction while simultaneously calling on us to look more closely at what, exactly, makes and keeps us human.”

We talk about RADAR LAUNCH and briefs funded with $10,000 from Kernel, Buidl Guidl, Future Primitive and OP Games. Wandering into philosophical conversations about AI, NPCs, and a gamified multiverse of emergent futures. How we play together to put our energy towards the futures we’d most like to see.


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