51 Coming Together for Music in Barcelona with Oval — Alvaro Delgado

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Alvaro Delgado is a musician, artist, and co-founder of Oval — A newborn creative community from Barcelona.

Oval is putting together a series of concert and club nights, community events, suppers, and writing camps — designed to foster cross-pollination among individuals who have come to the city in search of something more: a spotlight, a sense of belonging.

They believe they can build something better, and they want to do it onchain. Introducing the project with Barcelona Series on Zora. The first token is a text note that outlines what Oval is about. The second is BCN, a video they entered for the music category of the We Love The Art contest by Optimism.


Oval produced a song, visualizer, and artwork inspired by Barcelona and its people. Fragments of a city that needs to be heard, seen, and felt. The video was assembled from clips sent in from their community in the city, to offer a multi-faceted composition.

In this episode we talk about the inspirations of Oval for creating a space for people to belong. The power of events to build a community and an actual scene where cross-pollination, friendships and collaboration can take form. A bit about the music industry in a time of shifting technology.

About radio and the onchain realms, looking at places like NTS, Catalog Radio, what we’re creating here at UFO and the future of Oval.


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