52 Digital Art Trends for 2024 with Highlight — Nat Emodi

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.


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Nat Emodi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Highlight. Their product is being used for generative releases by leading artists, organizations, and platforms.

Helping creators to release any type of collection, from tightly curated series to generative open editions. Opening the space for experimentation as more people can explore their ideas and make generative art.

Nat is based in the Bay Area. We met as judges for the We Love The Art competition hosted by Optimism. He was working on ideas for a blog post which became ‘20 for ’24: Digital Art Trends That Will Shape This Year’.

We decided to record an episode about these ideas, and put the focus on art and trends in the industry, technology, for artists and collectors, galleries and curators. Jumping on the mics right before Nat was heading to the airport to fly out for NFT Paris from California.

We talk about art trends such as the expansion of ‘generative’ as a concept. Games and interactivity having an increasing role in digital art. And how best to create immersive IRL gallery experiences for onchain and digital art.


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