45 Memetic Tribes and The Casino on Mars — Rafa & Jihad

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Rafa is the founder of Folklore, a community crafting knowledge of connection, lorecraft, and digital realms. An amazing place to discover ideas and pieces of writing thanks to collective curation.

Jihad Esmail is a writer, researcher and builder. A media dealer at Forefront proliferating onchain collective creation. Active contributor in the Nouns ecosystem, and various onchain experiments.

Our conversation centres on a couple things. The first is The Casino on Mars written by Matt Huang for Paradigm.

‘It’s useful to think of crypto as a new planet that’s being settled. Skeptics see a desolate planet without purpose. Or worse, a haven for an unsavory casino. Optimists see the planet’s potential: a blank slate on which we can build an upgraded financial system and internet platform.’

We talk about a research piece written by Rafa, Welcome to the Swarm, in which he’s exploring ideas around swarm theory and how groups form, with an extra interest in how this manifests online.

Can only imagine where we’ll be a year from now, when we do this episode again!




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