47 Music, AI and Neural Audio Synthesizers with SEMILLA AI — Hexorcismos + aiio

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Welcome to 2024. In this special episode hosted by aiio also known as Irina Panovich, we talk about music.

Artificial intelligence. Creative practice, processes and collaborative formats. Latent space. Onchain collectives. Minting works. Experimental music. What it all means.

Hexorcismos aka Moisés Horta Valenzuela is an artist, musician and technologist working with generative artificial neural networks over the past 7 years.

Based in Berlin, originally from Mexico, his new album MUTUALISMX is coming out on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People on February 15. The record features artists from around the world collaborating with AI models created for each artist’s musical imprint and style.

Moisés is the founder of SEMILLA, helping to design and build an astonishing and surreal synthesiser in Iceland using seeds of divination cast into a circle which then produce sounds based on their placement.

The SEMILLA AI instrument employs computer vision techniques to translate the coordinates of the thrown maize in the “world-space” interface and utilizes knobs to scale their values.

The divinatory practice serves as an interface to inject real-world randomness into the process of synthesizing new sounds using neural networks for sound synthesis.

aiio is a researcher, community builder and writer bridging across web3 and the underground electronic music and arts communities in Copenhagen. Her creative practice is informed by her collective intelligence research practice. Building spaces that enable people with diverse areas of knowledge to come together and experiment.

Irina is the co-founder of an experimental collective that she started in a garage, co-host of Ethereum meetups in Copenhagen and is currently co-creating a distributed interface for digi-physical communities.

As aiio and cattfutur she writes about the concept of space, linking it to human culture, existence, and the need for adaptive ecosystems.

This episode was her idea.




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