50 A Collective Signal with UFO — Alex Guy, aiio, LGHT

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Nick Hollins, Alex Guy, aiio and LGHT are hosts of the first shows on the UFO network.

Alex is head of Growth at Zerion and recently launched Still Here. A show to explore his curiosity talking with people who are active web3 citizens. Through all the ups and downs of crypto. Answering the question of what motivates and inspires them. Why they’re still here.

aiio is a researcher, community builder and writer bridging across web3 and the underground electronic music and arts communities in Copenhagen. Soon bringing a podcast to UFO. She writes about the concept of space, linking it to human culture, existence, and the need for adaptive ecosystems.

LGHT is an artist, designer, writer, and technologist based in the Eastern United States. Creator of the Hypercultures essay series as well as co-founding Based Management. His work mainly focuses on protocol design, the science of digital language/memetics, and zero to one acceleration of tech primitives and adoption.

Today we’re announcing LGHT’s upcoming series on UFO — PROTOTYPE

This is a special episode for UFO 50. We started in September 2022 when Nick Hollins returned home to Byron Bay in Australia after travelling in Europe where he met Alex and aiio at ETH Barcelona in July. Episode 01 was with Charlie Waterhouse, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion who helped design their art and iconography.

UFO was publishing with onchain tools from the jump. Publishing on Mirror, finding a web3 social audience on Lens, releasing mints. UFO Genesis Pass dropped in November 2022 with 7800+ mints, which helped create a community from scratch and only growing since then.

UFO was the first podcast to mint on the Zora network as it went live in June 2023. We publish every episode to an 1155 contract and you can listen and mint via all your favourite onchain apps.

There’s been 61 guests. Talking about arts, music, technology, and culture. Exploring trends in AI, web3 social, onchain media. It’s been a place for revolutionary ideas. A show to discover new projects and the people creating them. Revealing the many connections and friendships between people in this space who are collaborating and building things together.

It is a counterculture scene, spread across the world, and happening for the most part online and onchain. Now that we’re here, next steps for UFO is launching a collective of podcasts. Building towards an onchain radio station and magazine from ufo.fm.

Our approach is a combination of music, arts and ideas. These podcasts we have coming through, including quite a few we’re not announcing yet, will surprise and delight our listeners. We’re still early.

This recording for UFO 50 with Alex, aiio and LGHT was the first time the four of us have all spoken together. We talk about UFO as a collective signal. The vital importance for collective platforms like this to exist. Sharing experiences and imaginings for how we see this going forward into 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for being here. This is UFO 50.


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