48 Multiplayer Music Communities with Fam — Nick Smith

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.


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Nick Smith is a designer from Melbourne, Australia. Founder of Fam, a space for music communities to grow, collaborate and collectively fund creative projects.

He’s an OG early member from FWB and helped to organise Soulquest, a collaborative music project featuring Iman Europe, V.C.R, illcamille, and Swarvy, along with visual artists Jamee Cornelia and Shawntel Johnson. The group performed and recorded at FWB Fest in Idyllwild, CA in 2023.

This project is an inspired homage to The Soulquarians, a loose collective formed in the late 90s while recording D’Angelo’s acclaimed album Voodoo. Involving members Questlove, D’Angelo, James Poyser and J Dilla along with collaborators Common, Erykah Badu, Q-Tip, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and many others.

Nick is intrigued by music collectives such as the Wu Tang Clan, The Grateful Dead, Odd Future, and Native Tongues.

In late 2023, he ignited a pop up group called Cheeks Collective. A telegram group formed with people interested in staging parties, hosted by local producers. A bit like Boiler Room. Positive sum.

We talk about Nick’s origins in crypto, as a co-founder from Talisman and projects with Flex Dapps. Ambitions for onchain music and experimenting in new formats for creating and releasing music on the internet. Positive sum collabs with artists and people in the community, to help make art, music, and experiences happen.



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