40 Community for Culture-Makers with Take Up Space — Paff

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.

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Paff is a co-founder of Take Up Space. A community, creator collective and media company for culture-makers.

Paff is a writer, creator and speaker previously from Australia, now based in Scotland with their wife Hannah Peacock, and together they created Take Up Space. Through community, events and media, their goals are to create opportunities for POC & queer voices to take up space as their most authentic selves.

We talk about earlier times on the internet, music forum culture, meeting people IRL through music festivals, dance floors and events. How shifting economic forces in cities around the world are making the artist lifestyle much more difficult to sustain than even 10-20 years ago, as culture is pushed to the edges.

How organizations like Take Up Space are helping to meet this gap in experience for culture makers, as much of our lives go digital, and we seek connection with like minded people from around the world, and in our local communities.

Also about new onchain media projects on the way from their community, and a curated artists drop in collaboration between Take Up Space and Zora with a theme of technology of togetherness.



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