53 Flying Cars, Robots and Reality Oracle Computers with Faust — July

A podcast where artists, musicians and tech creators talk about the future. Hosted by Nick Hollins and produced by Apollo.


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July is a founder of Faust. Developing Roc: a reality oracle computer that notarizes reality, onchain. He’s an engineer who built flying cars & autonomous vehicles with Kittyhawk, a startup backed by Google.

He’s an early Farcaster user and creator of the /july channel with 6.5K members. A place where anyone is invited to post musings, thoughts & dreams. July is based in the Bay Area and we met recently via Farcaster where he posts about art, history, philosophy, and thoughts on technology.

In this episode we talk about July’s background in arts and tech. How he grew up all over the world in his childhood including Japan, the Netherlands and California.

Observations about counterculture movements. What’s happening on Farcaster and onchain. About collective imagination and the zeitgeist, how that is expressed through culture. Why people want to build robots. What all these things mean for the future. And a bit about Farcon in Venice Beach where we’ll be meeting in-person, early May.

Welcome back to the show.


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