NFTs free mint for UFO Lens subscribers

Hello UFO.

Today we’re dropping free collectible NFTs for our Lens subscribers.

If you are in the first 1000, 3000, 5000 or 15,000 UFO Lens subscribers you’re on the allowlist for this mint. If you’re in the first 1K you’re eligible for all four NFTs. If you’re in the first 3K you can claim the three you’re eligible for and so on.

There is also an NFT for the first 30,000 subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed you’re still on time. This claim page will drop as soon as we reach 30K. Don’t be late!

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Claim your NFTs

These NFTs are a chance to show onchain that you were early to UFO. A reminder that you were here. Some fun for token-gated releases and experiences in future.

Subscribe to UFO here to qualify for the UFO 30K Lens NFT.

UFO 1K Lens

UFO 3K Lens

UFO 5K Lens

UFO 15K Lens

How did this get made?

Art was created by our team at Apollo ~ Nick Hollins and Ivano Salonia.

The drop was produced in collaboration with Lens Protocol and Coinvise. These are new product features. An experiment in token gating a free mint drop for Lens subscribers on Coinvise.

Keeping with the Lens theme, the NFTs are minted on Polygon.

The way it works is creating an NFT airdrop claim page and adding all the Lens subscriber wallet addresses to an allowlist.

There are other options such as token gating by hold a token, hold an NFT, hold a POAP, Lens follow, twitter username allowlist, and hold a badge.

Lens users can now jump across to Coinvise and use their airdrop feature and token-gate releases for their subscribers.


Yes. Creation of these Lens NFTs was delayed for a few extra moments as our team welcomed a baby behind the scenes!

This idea for a free NFT drop was announced in late October on Twitter and Lens as UFO went from 724 subscribers to 7000+ in 10 days.

The UFO Genesis Pass dropped on November 9 and had 7800+ mints in 3 days.

We also had an idea to do a first of its kind drop in collaboration with Lens Protocol and Coinvise. This took a moment to develop working behind the scenes with their teams and now this integration is available for everyone.

Appreciation to the Lens community. Since our launch in September we’ve experienced major support and thousands of collects of UFO art and audio from the podcast. We’re now contributing with the Lens Creator Lab.

UFO updates

We are starting a club in 2023.

Soon to bring our works onchain. We’re building a website at New releases are being made. Getting ready for live streams.

Projects are in motion to flywheel the energy of UFO back to artists and the creative community. We are here to support art, music and culture through our network.

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