Introducing: Still Here

This is a network update. Welcoming Still Here.

A new podcast hosted by Alex Guy from Zerion and the 2nd show to air with UFO. Talking with web3 citizens who are still here doing groundbreaking work.

How did they get into web3? Why are they still here? What is driving them to build? What future do they see that others don't yet recognize?

It’s fitting this show is the 2nd to join the UFO network because Zerion has been a major sponsor since we started as a podcast. Alex is Head of Growth at Zerion, he was an early guest on UFO and we’ve been collaborating ever since.

Alex and Nick Hollins recorded a conversation about what’s coming up on Still Here.


Why Are You Still Here?

At ETHCC in July 2023, the Zerion team put up a banner.

What they discovered is the highly varied motivations people have to be active in the web3 ecosystem. Experiences like this inspired Alex to create this new podcast.

At ETHCC [6], we wanted to know the reasons why people were still dedicating their time, energy and creativity to crypto. The resulting video features interviews with attendees and the messages people wrote on a banner we set up outside the conference venue.

We came away inspired, motivated and energized by what's next for Web3. We hope you are, too.

With love, Zerion


Zerion are partnering with UFO — onchain radio network and club.

Podcasts on

Before UFO had launched we met the Zerion team at ETH Barcelona in July 2022. These initial conversations about a counterculture media network inspired by the 1960s, pirate radio, the blog era, internet forums, records and print magazines led to Zerion being a sponsor of UFO since day 1.

We have shared destinations.


Zerion are building for what they call web3 citizens. Do yourself the favour of checking out the Zerion Browser Extension.

Stay tuned for Still Here.

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